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sustainable wooden bellyboards

Butch Wooden Belly Boards Collaboration Silverstick Workshop

Butch Wooden Belly Boards Collaboration Silverstick Board

Butch Wooden Belly Boards Collaboration Silverstick Workshop

If you want a sustainable alternative to plastic, a Silverstick wooden bellyboard is the perfect surf craft for you.

After discovering that 16,000 polystyrene bodyboards are discarded on UK Beaches each year.

Yes, you read that right 16,000 EACH YEAR. A crazy amount.

We collaborated with the very talented Guy Butcher to develop our own natural solution to this plastic waste problem.

In his workshop in Hereford, Guy mixes high quality craftsmanship with natural raw materials to create long-lasting wooden surf boards.

Based on the traditional Cornish bellyboard, the boards are constructed from high quality walnut and birch veneers.

The nose rocker and concave to the tail are formed by laminating the board in a vacuum press, creating an incredibly strong yet thin and flexible structure.

The concave to the tail creates two subtle fin-like ends to the side rails, which add speed and help the board turn.

Designed for all ocean lovers looking to reduce their plastic waste, these boards will work in anything from knee-high to head-high waves.

You can stand in waist-deep surf and ride perpendicular to the wave until you run out of water, or with a pair of fins, get out into deeper water and ride along the face of bigger breaking waves.


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