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isle of skye hike

The Isle of Skye is a breathtaking natural habitat. Hamish and David hiked from north to south and relished the wild landscape and weather.

"We were informed shortly after arriving on the Isle Of Skye about the changeable nature of the weather. 'Rain on Skye is better than rain anywhere else' we were told, and by the end of our journey, David and I were slightly inclined to agree. David and I had set ourselves the challenge of The Skye Trail, a roughly 90-mile route from the north to the south of the island. The trip took us 7 days and would be our best and most successful adventure to date.

On our first day walking along the sea cliffs on the northern end of the island we were met with blue sky and gorgeous views, as we skirted the cliffs following a path that was described on our map as indiscernible. We spent the night camping on cliffs overlooking the eastern coast and the mainland before ascending onto 'The Trotternish Ridge', a geological fast that spanned half the length of the island. There were many cold nights to be had but always followed by bright clear mornings. It wasn't long before we had to deal with Skye's skittish weather, however, one day island fluctuating between below-freezing temperatures; to T-shirt weather; to hail and snow and finally patchy rain with bright vibrant sweeping rainbows, all set in the stunning dramatic landscape.

Following 'The Trotternish' Ridge we spent two days wandering through deep glacial valleys and alongside the side of sea lochs, heading towards and then round the Cuillin mountains. Eventually, we would reach the southern coast, where the mountains dropped straight into the sea, and the landscape would look more familiar in middle earth. We would stay in a bothy on our final night, meeting fellow walkers in a remote beach hut and looking out to a raging sea before climbing into bed. Our time in Skye was full of surprises and variety, no two days were the same, in the week we spent exploring one of the UK's most far-flung locations."


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