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silverstick ethically made clothing

We take an ethical stance on all aspects of production. Our clothing is made in Turkey and we are very selective in the factory we use. Every year our factory is independently inspected and certified by the Global Textile Organic Standard (GOTS) and the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI).

The Global Textile Organic Standard (GOTS) annual certification of compliance ensures the factory is meeting the highest social and environmental standards at every step of production. This includes a written strategy on waste water, so there is no pollution into local waterways. The factory employs 60 workers and has strict social policies on health and safety as identified by international labour conventions on things we take for granted, such as toilet facilities.

Our factory also has grade B Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) certification (for a company to have A grade they need to have washing and dyeing facilities which our factory does not have.) This has a section on workers rights, which secures all world wide social rights and ensures workers do not exceed certain working hours and they are paid at least the minimum wage.

We never stop looking for new ways to make better quality garments and our factory is always willing to go the extra mile. For example to eliminate shrinkage, all our fabrics are washed before the individual garment pieces are cut. The standard process is to garment wash the styles after they have been made. However, with this method you have to make a calculation of how much the fabric will shrink and then cut your patterns accordingly. This is not always that accurate and can lead to sizing and washing inconsistencies.

We have built up a great relationship with our factory, who have a clear understanding of the high quality standards we require to make longer lasting clothing that respects both people and the planet.


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