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pyrenees slow down

In Summer the Pyrenees are hot and peaceful. The perfect place for Djo, Rosie and Matt to slow down and appreciate the wildlife around them.

"Having met Djo briefly in Biscarrosse, he invited Matthew and me to his home in Ariege. So, we left the ocean, our home for the summer, and headed across France for an adventure in the mountains. Djo, an enthusiastic and incredibly talented wildlife photographer, was eager to show us around his sleepy town. We walked his dog along a small river, where he pointed out all the wildlife you’d never notice, without the eyes of such an enthusiast. He knew exactly where to look to find certain birds, frogs, fish, dragonflies - it was fascinating.

We ventured into the mountains, for a walk unlike any we’d taken on in the past. It wasn’t difficult, or even particularly long, because rather than rushing our way to the top, with the aim of getting so far, we strolled, slowly, watching for the wildlife that could easily be missed. It was a somewhat foreign experience. As we walked, in the intense heat, we stopped regularly for Djo to photograph the Marmots, strange animals that blend ridiculously well with the rocks. We learnt something new about appreciating nature, for what it really is - the home to animals. We reconsidered where we should walk, so at not to disturb the wildlife, and therefore walked consciously aware of more than ourselves - a growing respect for the nature that surrounds us.

After a long day exploring new places, swimming in streams and appreciating a completely new landscape, we spent our evening in the cool air, drinking wine and eating great food. We enjoyed conversation with new friends, who had kindly opened up their home and their lives, we felt incredibly grateful for the positivity that exists in human nature."


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