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pennine way hike

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Modern life is busy but a break in Edd's schedule gave him the ideal opportunity to spread his wings on the Pennine Way.

"It's been a funny few years hasn't it? I spent the lockdowns retraining while working part-time and caring for family. When a golden window between education and work came by, I couldn't waste it.

I figured The Pennine Way would do nicely. It's one of the UK's most Iconic long-distance walks and there's a free half pint in it for you (unless you do it backwards...). Adventures close to home also bring on a warm, fuzzy and sustainable feeling, like a few of the tops I took with me.

Comfort's key when fighting fells and splodging bogs, and my Silverstick long sleeve tees didn't disappoint. They felt soft on my skin, kept September's UV rays at bay, guarded my wrists from maddening midges, and were the perfect masquerade for a grubby hiker during dips into oases of comfort (pubs and such).

On day 3 of the trip I treated myself to a night in a youth hostel and naughtily washed my gear in a sink. Come morning, I found the radiators had frazzled the synthetic elements of my gruds, but my Silverstick tops remained in perfect nick. I'm not promoting this method, but taking pure cotton along proved more than just comfortable; it stood up to the demands of the journey.

Some fascinating blisters didn't stop me finishing the route in 12 days. Now back at the grindstone, I dine on my memories from the trip. Each time I pop on a Silverstick tee that came with me, I'm reminded of what I conquered and taken back to a time I got to really spread my wings.

If you're planning a jolly of your own, I'd recommend packing some Silverstick - it'll hold up its end of the deal."

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