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Happy World Curlew Day

Happy World Curlew Day Matt Sewell Tee

The Curlew is one of our most recognisable birds with its curved bill, long legs and magical call. Sadly, it is on the UK endangered red list due to a decline of 42% between 1995-2008. Its main threats come from habitat loss due to the intensification of upland farms and predation.

The Curlew is a ground nesting bird that breeds in Summer on rough grasslands, moorlands and bogs. These areas are often on upland farms where nowadays fields are mown early, thus destroying Curlew nests and chicks. Traditionally mowing would happen much later and often Curlew nests would be spotted, eggs moved and then put back after mowing. James Rebanks writes movingly about his Grandfather doing this in his book English Pastoral.

That’s why we chose the Curlew as one of our featured birds in our Matt Sewell + Silverstick collection. We turned Matt’s beautiful illustration of a Curlew with two chicks into a colourful men’s and women’s printed organic cotton tee. 10% of sales go to Wildcard to support rewilding in the UK. So, we can continue to hear the Curlew’s charismatic song for years to come.

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