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Matt Sewell + Silverstick

Silverstick Matt Sewell Wildcard Rewild Tee

Matt Sewell Silverstick Wildcard Harmony Tee

Matt Sewell Silverstick Wildcard Tree Sparrow Sweat

Matt Sewell Silverstick Wildcard Red Bird Beanie

Matt Sewell Silverstick Wildcard Red Bird Mug

Matt Sewell Silverstick Wildcard

Support our endangered birds with our new matt sewell + silverstick collection.

Matt Sewell is an artist and illustrator. We have taken his unique water colour paintings of birds and turned them into prints and embroideries on our organic cotton clothing. The aim of the collection is to highlight how threatened many of our birds are. Matt's illustrations represent some of the 67 species of birds on the UK's endangered red list, which is a shocking one in four of our birds.

One of the reasons for such a dramatic decline is habitat loss. So, we're donating 10% of sales from these styles to Wildcard, a grassroots environmental conservation organisation focusing on rewilding Britain.

Help save our birds by shopping our embroidered organic sweats, printed organic tees, hats, bags and mugs.

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