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cornish wild swim

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Hamish, Aga and Nate took a wild swim in their own backyard, hiking up to an inland pool in South Cornwall for a refreshing afternoon dip.

'You think of Cornwall, and you think of the seaside, who can blame you. With however many miles of often crystal blue water it can be hard to stray away from the county’s beautiful beaches. If you head further inland Redruth and Cambourne are two of the towns you’ll find, the heart of Cornish mining country, they spread at the feet of the two Cairns, Marth and Brea.

The Cairns are some of the high points in southern Cornwall and offer panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. Hike up them and it isn’t long before you escape the narrow hedge lined roads and are greeted with spectacular views all the way down to the sea. Dotted among the landscape are pump and engine houses, now mothballed structures that used to play a vital role in Cornish mining.

Our mid-afternoon adventure was found on the journey up to the pool at Carn Marth. The hill stretches up from behind our garden, and so makes it a perfect destination for a quick afternoon adventure. Now, despite what anyone tells you, Cornish water is never warm. Maybe you get used to the temperature, but I truly defy anyone who tells you anything else. Vest tops and T-shirts are fine for the route up, but if the day doesn’t bring with it the warmth of the sun, it’s nice to have something to change into after jumping in the water.

The top of Cairn Marth is no exception to the cold Cornish water, although, being an inland pool, it may be slightly warmer than the sea, it feels much the same when you first jump in. A quick dip is all it takes, resetting the mind, and cleansing the body from the exertion of the day and the walk up.

Afterwards we wrap up in sweats, throwing on jumpers and thick Silverstick socks. We’ve lived in Cornwall long enough to pack sensibly and although days can go by wearing just flip flops, shorts and t-shirts we’re always prepared for a change in the weather. Heading back down, we were quickly out of the wind and making our way meandering back to the house. We pass a few more pump houses on the way and re-entering the high hedge rows on either side. We make it back to the house in under 2 hours refreshed, relaxed and ready to take on the rest of the day!'

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