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Knepp Wilding Shop: Silverstick Stockist

We are really excited to announce that Silverstick is being stocked in the Knepp Wilding shop. Knepp is a trailblazing 3,500-acre rewilding project in West Sussex. A shared philosophy unites Knepp and Silverstick: working with nature to create a sustainable future. Since Isabella Tree and Charlie Burrell started rewilding Knepp twenty years ago, the area has become a haven for endangered species like purple emperor butterflies, nightingales, and turtle doves.

The Knepp Wildling shop carries a selection of socks, hats and scarves from our Made in Britain accessories collection. And naturally, our Silverstick + Matt Sewell rewilding tee and endangered bird socks and hats. This includes our Turtle Dove designs, an endangered bird that can be seen at Knepp throughout the Summer.

If you enjoy nature, we recommend visiting Knepp to experience the breathtaking sights and sounds. You can explore the many walks around this pioneering estate and visit the wilding cafe and shop, which is open daily 9am-5pm.

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