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wooden bellyboard




sustainable wooden bellyboard

loves riding waves. It is extremely lightweight and buoyant because its core is made from cedar. Cedarwood grows quickly and historically has been used to build boats. This is the first time surfers can take advantage of its lightness, natural buoyancy and unique flex. It twists and bends but is not brittle. The cedar core is sandwiched by strong birch plywood veneers and the board is decorated with a Silverstick logo.

Suitable for all standards this bellyboard will work in anything from knee-high to bigger waves. And when you're not in the water, it looks great hanging on the wall.

Handmade wooden bellyboard made from sustainably sourced cedar and birch veneers making it an eco-conscious alternative to plastic.

- Wooden bellyboard
- Cedar core sandwiched by birch veneers
- Accredited by the forest stewardship council
- Naturally finished with oil and beeswax
- Height 115cm, width 30cm, depth 7.5mm 
- Weight 1.3kg
- Silverstick collaboration with Guy Butcher
- Handmade in Britain
The flexible construction and concave tail makes riding this board special. The two fin-like ends to the side rails mean this board works differently to a modern foam bodyboard. They have neutral buoyancy and work by planning on the water’s surface, so are consequently faster, help the board turn, and provide a more aggressive edge to hold the face of a wave.

You can stand in waist-deep surf and ride perpendicular to the wave until you run out of water, or with a pair of fins, get out into deeper water and ride along the face of bigger breaking waves.
wood type
  • Birch
  • View Chestnut

surfboard footprint

This bellyboard is handmade in Britain by Guy Butcher from sustainably sourced wood accredited by the forest stewardship council. The British cedar is grown five miles from Guy's workshop in Herefordshire and the Birch comes from well-managed forests in Finland. The board has a natural oil and beeswax finish.


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