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Kayak Sjoa Norway Silverstick Adventure Nick

Kayak Sjoa Norway Silverstick Adventure 1

Kayak Sjoa Norway Silverstick Adventure 2

The Sjoa River in Norway is the perfect natural habitat for any kayaker. Here Nick Pearce tells us why he loves paddling this wild waterway.

"Paradise for me has to be the river. Anywhere. Anytime. And the more remote the better. Immersing your self in a place that is completely consuming is very special and somewhere that I hope everyone can find at some point in their life. For me, this is the river, when all other thoughts get washed away and you are left concentrating on the next move, the next rapid and you feel completely in balance.

There are a few places that are a true paradise for kayakers and I’m very lucky that I get to live in Norway, one of the best locations in the world. And the Sjoa Valley has to be one of the best locations Norway has to offer. The Sjoa River has many sections ranging from the perfect introductory float to big volume class 5 that leaves you grinning from ear to ear for weeks. Its a constant and changing playground.

Then when you're done, what better way to end the day than putting on a cosy Silverstick hoodie and sitting around the campfire with a beer in hand. Life doesn't get much better." 


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