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hiking socks thumbs up

Posted on July 11 2018

Silverstick Hiking SocksWe were a bit concerned when we first received an email from customer Chris, who works as a stonemason on Dartmoor. But as he reveals below his Silverstick happy hiking socks really stand up to his testing job.

"I would like to tell you that my socks - your socks - have today had a hole appear in them. One small hole in a £14 pair of socks. However, this is not a complaint, in fact, it's quite the opposite. I am a dry stone waller and I go through socks like... well... someone who goes through a lot of socks.

Your socks, however, have lasted me about a year. Wearing them to work 5 days a week (yes, I did wash them) in big work boots, trudging over fields, through bogs and across moors in all weathers. They kept me warm and they were bloody great (if that's not too high praise for a humble pair of socks). Tonight I am mending my socks (yes, the first time I've done that) and I will continue to wear them until they really are no more. I have other pairs too, but my work pair take the toughest tests and are still soft and comfy.

So thanks. I bloody love your socks, thought I should let you know..."


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