'Harry is an absolute tour de force on stash. His attention to detail, organization, and desire to give us a good product are unrivalled. He has done stash for varsity a fair few times, most recently in 2018 and 2016. It was a pleasure working with him and I have no doubt it'd be the same for you.'
Varsity Trip

'Thanks for all your help! The tees look awesome. We will be sure to get in touch for further items and I will hand down all information to next years committee too." '
Plymouth Snowriders

'Clothing was amazing! The trip t shirts have been very well received with many people remarking on the high quality. Ultimately it comes back to help us because the more people who want to wear the tee after trip the more people we have promoting our next one. Likewise with the beanies, caps and tees these have gone down a storm. So much so once the dust settles I may have to put in another order for caps based on the requests we've had!'
Bristol Snowsports

'Our jumpers and hats from you have been incredible. It is great to see our team stamp around campus! I am President again this year so would be keen to get some ideas together.'
Stirling Snowsports

'The jackets were a massive hit, thanks so much! In fact they were so popular that we want to do a whole line of them for our race team.'
Warwick Snowsports

'The hats look very good, so good job.'
UWE Snowsports

'The beanies were adored by everyone in the club. All of the members commented on how well they fit and how they were very warm, perfect for the mountains! Also our logo looked amazing embroidered and meant we stood out whilst on the mountain or at Après, our beanies were so well-liked we had the Reps asking if we had any spares. They were a really good price, looked amazing and arrived with plenty of time to spare. Arts London Snow will definitely be keeping our relationship with Silverstick next season!'
Arts London Snowsports

'Thank you for all the hard work you've put in leading up to this, it would not have been possible if you hadn't stayed up late or working over weekends to get everything delivered on time. Your commitment hasn't gone unnoticed and you have one very happy client and thousands of very happy customers! Our stash has gone down unbelievable well, we've had people buying it that aren't even going on the trip, and people buying that aren't even students. Pretty much all of our extra stock has already disappeared and the reaction has been amazing from everyone! Thank you again Harry - it's been a pleasure working with you!'
Bristol Snowsports

'We have been very happy working with you this year and shall pass this on to the next committee, so that they may choose to continue working together for the next year.'
Aberystwyth Snowsports

'The merchandise was a great success. The sizes were true to form, the logos matched our designs and the garments were of exceptional quality.'
Dublin Snowsports

'Just wanted to say that both the sweats and the buffs look INCREDIBLE! We had freshers fair today and so many people commented on how nice our sweats were. Thank you again for all your hard work, I'm so glad we chose to go with Silverstick.'
Falmouth Snowsports

'The fact that you guys are able to link up to our booking page is a huge plus and it means we, as a club, aren't dishing out money to buy the items in bulk for the possibility that they might not even get sold.'
Queen's University Belfast Snowsports

'Silverstick have been absolutely brilliant! They guided us on the design and pre-production process and kept us updated on the status of everything as it was being made. Everything arrived on time for sales and our members loved the products. The merch and customer service were much higher quality than we've had with other suppliers, would definitely use again!'
Kent Snowsports

'The t's arrived and they look great!! I would love to work with you again as I was really impressed with the quality, delivery and service provided.’
Reading Snowsports

'Silverstick were extremely easy and efficient to work with. We sourced merchandise from them for our university snow sports club. They provided us with beanies, hoodies, caps and ski socks, all embroidered with our logo on them. Even though they hadn't stocked ski socks in the past, they sourced them through another wholesaler for us, and embroidered our logo on them. As a student, they were extremely easy to work with because of their efficiency with replying and they also left me with very little work to do on my end. The merchandise arrived well in advance of our trip, despite me having been quite late contacting them in the first place to source the clothing. All the items looked amazing and were of very high quality. We'll definitely be contacting them again soon for more!" '
Dublin Snowsports

'Yes we have loved the stash this year, the Silverstick jumpers are especially nice! I will be organising clothing again next year and when I know what types of clothing we want, will get in contact with you again regarding next years stash.'
Nottingham Snowsports

'Everyone really loves the merch, you've done an excellent job, thank you very much!'
Queen Mary Snowsports

'T Shirts are sweet, if you guys can do tall tees we will look to do some closer to Xmas?'
Coventry Snowsports

'Working with Silverstick to provide the Varsity Trip clothing range was a pleasure. They were easy to communicate with and provided regular updates on the progress of our order. Their prices were also very competitive whilst offering high quality garments.'
Varsity Trip

'Thanks man! Really happy with the snapbacks and beanies, both great quality. I'll definitely recommend the new committee stay with you because you've been great this year!'
Bath Spa Snowsports

'The committee tees look absolutely sick! Top job!'
Sunderland Snowsports


'I just got back to Bristol and saw the sweatpants and beanies. They look so good - the embroidery came out great! I'm so glad we went for quality, you can really tell they're going to last!'
Bristol Surf

'Just wanted to say thank you for being so easy to work with to get the tees ready for this year! I know I really like them and they have been received well by the rest of the committee. It's not always that you find someone who seems to really care about what they do so thank you for making it easy. Looking forward to working with you in the future.'
Plymouth Sailing

'They look sick man, quality is on point! Print has come out well and the embroidery is perfect. Everything is how I wanted it :) you've made me a happy man! Thanks for all your help on this. Much appreciated.'
Bristol Kitesurf

'The t-shirts look great and we have already received great feedback so thank you!'
Exeter Canoe

'Just wanted to say a big thank you for our hoodies. They are all with their new owners and everyone loves them!! So much so that I think we might possibly have another order in late January if this is possible?'
UWE Canoe

'Yes, thank you! Saw them for the first time yesterday. They look amazing!! And the rest of the exec were delighted with them. Thanks for all your hard work.'
Warwick Surf

'We have received everything from you now, including the T shirts which are super! Thank you so much for everything, you’ve been great.'
Glasgow Wake

'Many thanks for the order, not only was it very prompt, but everyone who I have given kit to so far has commented on how happy they are with it!'
Strathclyde Canoe

'Tees arrived today - they look great! Once again, thanks.'
QUB Waterski

'Thank you so much for the t-shits they are amazing'
York Canoe

'Everyone was loving the tees on campus today and we are very happy with them. So thank you!'
Exeter Surf

'Really pleased with the Warwick general merch, looks awesome and got loads of positive feedback from the club about it, so thanks!'
Warwick Surf

'Tees have come in and they are fantastic!!! I am very very pleased!! Can't wait to start on the design of our changing ponchos!!'
Plymouth Windriders

'T Shirts were really really popular at freshers fair! Thanks so much.'
Bristol Underwater

'The polo's have arrived and they look beautiful! Thank you for everything, helping me through my exam period with stress relief and correspondence and all.'
York Canoe

'Thank you for the club tees and for the service you have provided. Top notch!'
Reading Canoe

'The sweats have arrived and are great!! Everyone is really happy with them! '
Newcastle Surf

'The weekend was epic, can't wait again for next year! Tees went down really well
everyone absolutely loved them. '
Queens University Belfast Wake

'We got the snapbacks today. They look amazing! Thanks so much.'
Bristol Kitesurf

'The hats are great, we joke that they are the best thing we have achieved this year!'
Nottingham Trent Canoe

'Just got our bobble hats and they're perfect. Thank you so much.'
Bristol Windsurf

'Yeah the tees look great!'
Exeter Canoe

'Just wanted to confirm that we received the t shirts - they look so great! In the process of getting them out to committee members at the moment, everyone is very pleased!'
York Wakeboarding & Waterskiing

'The hats have arrived and we love them!'
Edinburgh Canoe

'Sweaters came through yesterday and they're quality. Love them!'
Cardiff Surf

'They've arrived and everyone loves them! Thanks very much you've been fantastic'
Warwick Surf

'I received the tees yesterday. They are brilliant! Thankyou!'
Bath Canoe

'Received the Hoodies and they look awesome, glad we went for the slightly pricier option!'
Portsmouth Windsurf


'All the products were great. Thanks very much for getting it to us in good time also! '
Swansea Mountaineering

'Everyone has been really happy with the garments.'
Bath Spa University

'The shirts were brilliant, thank you so much.'
Loughborough Cycling Club

'They’ve been called the best hoodies on campus!'
Sussex University Cycling Club

'Just received the shirts, very happy with them! Cheers for everything.'
Plymouth All Terrain Boarders

'T-shirts came today, cannot stop smiling they look so so sick. Thanks a tonne man, will have to send you over some snaps when we hand they to our members.'
Exeter Longboarding

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