Silverstick Our Vision

Clothing For Outdoor People

We believe the outdoors is a playground for everyone, to be enjoyed however you chose. Head into the waves and learn to surf in summer, take a winter trip to the mountains or cycle your local trails all year round. The important thing is you are out there and life feels all the better for it.

There has never been a better time for exploring the outdoors. You can seek out an adventure in your own backyard or pack a rucksack and escape further afield. Opportunities to get outside and get close to nature are everywhere. 

The natural world binds outdoor people to each other and the planet. Without the oceans, rivers, forests and mountains, we wouldn’t be able to do what we love. In order to enjoy and explore these landscapes, we need to be aware of the environmental issues they are facing.

Pollution, deforestation and climate change affect all countries around the world. In Britain, our beaches suffer from plastic litter and pollution after heavy rain. Some of our rivers run dangerously low in Summer and the alpine glaciers are retreating. These are man-made issues our outdoor playgrounds are facing.

Silverstick creates clothing for outdoor people who need something active and high quality and value something eco-conscious. Standing up to every outdoor test we put it through and produced in a sustainable way. Our clothing is made for life.

This means you can explore your favourite outdoor playgrounds and support them at the same time. When the swells arrive, ride the waves. When the suns out, hike and cycle the trails. When the snow comes, head to the mountains. Wherever you adventure, leave only footprints.

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