• wooden bellyboard walnut
  • wooden bellyboard walnut
  • wooden bellyboard walnut
wooden bellyboard walnut



Have some fun in the waves on this

wooden belly board.

It is hand made from the highest quality walnut veneers by Guy Butcher exclusively for Silverstick. 

The silhouette of the board is much as the boards made in Cornwall since the 1920’s, but by laminating with individual thin veneers, as opposed to steam or heat bending solid plywood, the tail section underside can have a concave profile and the nose a much more accurate and stronger rocker.

Suitable for all standards this board will work in anything from knee-high to head-high waves. And when you're not in the water, the look of the natural grain mean it works just as well hanging on the wall.

- Wooden belly board
- 117cm long, 30cm wide, 7mm thick
- High quality walnut veneers
- All wood is accredited by the forest stewardship council
- Made in Britain
Based on the traditional Cornish bellyboard, the boards are constructed from the best quality veneers. The nose rocker and concave to the tail are formed by laminating the board on a former in a vacuum press, creating an incredibly strong yet thin and flexible structure. The ‘Silverstick' logo is then sprayed using a water-based acrylic paint, before the board is finished with 7 coats of a water-based acrylic lacquer.

The concave to the tail creates two subtle fin like ends to the side rails, which add speed, help the board turn, and provide a more aggressive edge to hold the face of a wave. They work in a different way to a modern foam bodyboard, in that they have neutral buoyancy and work by planing on the water’s surface, so are consequently faster.

You can stand in waist deep surf and and ride perpendicular to the wave until you run out of water, or with a pair of fins, get out into deeper water and ride along the face of bigger breaking waves.

surfboard footprint

This wooden belly board is hand crafted in Guy Butcher's Herefordshire workshop using sustainable materials. The board is shipped in a packing crate made from waste from the local sawmill, and wrapped in protective sheep’s wool. The whole being recyclable, reuseable and compostable.


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