winter lift off

Posted on January 31 2016

The landscape and waves of the Gower Peninsula make for a rugged Silverstick natural habitat. Our friends Hamish, Matt, Rosie & Aidan enjoyed a memorable winter surf adventure there.

"Matt and Rosie have a van full of surfboards; I have a camera and a clever little waterproof box to put it in and Aidan has an estate car with a roof rack for a few more surfboards, and crucially, a kettle you can plug into the cigarette lighter. Together we make quite a team. With this in mind we headed out to the Gower, west of Swansea to make the most of our combined equipment. Wind and rain set out to thwart us but we beat it back, surfing until dark and running back to cars to regain feeling in fingers and toes.

We stayed out on the Gower for three days, surfing when the weather permitted and hunkering down in the evenings to coffee and surf films. It was time well spent, a little bit of adventure never hurt anybody and catching some waves never made anyone unhappy. We like our adventures and there's plenty to explore on the often wild Gower coast, woodland and beach alike it's good to get out."


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