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  • hoodie fit for the mountains

    hoodie fit for the mountains

    Chiara took her Silverstick hoodie and beanie on a ski trip to Colorado. 'Finding the perfect clothes to ski in can be a challenge. When I look for a hoodie,...
  • superbly cut tee

    superbly cut tee

    Dan took his Silverstick tee to one of his favourite natural habitats, the stunning climbing country of the Peak District. 'Stanage Edge in the Peak District is famous for its rock...
  • my go to sweats

    my go to sweats

    For the past three years Henry has been putting his Silverstick sweats through their paces. 'I’ve owned Silverstick sweatshirts for 3 years now and they’ve been my go-to sweatshirts for any kind...
  • british made accessories

    british made accessories

    Home manufacturing means a lot to us. So we have developed a range of outdoor accessories made exclusively here in Britain. The factories we use are small. They have often...
  • hiking socks thumbs up

    hiking socks thumbs up

    We were a bit concerned when we first received an email from customer Chris, who works as a stonemason on Dartmoor. But as he reveals below his Silverstick happy hiking...
  • hand screen printing

    hand screen printing

    Silverstick clothing is hand screen printed in Britain. Each print design has a unique finish and we use certified inks that have as light an environmental footprint as possible. Water-based...
  • butch board collab

    butch board collab

    Guy Butcher mixes high quality craftmanship with natural raw materials to create amazing Silverstick wooden belly boards. They are handcrafted in Guy's workshop and are perfect for anybody who appreciates...
  • ethically produced clothing

    ethically produced clothing

    Silverstick men's and women's clothing is ethically made in Turkey. Our factory is accredited by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) for its social and environmental processes. We have built...
  • organic cotton fabric

    organic cotton fabric

    Silverstick uses Aegean cotton which is the highest quality organic cotton. It is grown without the use of any chemicals or pesticides, in the South West of Turkey. Our farmers...
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This blog is dedicated to all the roving spirits at play in the outdoors. We use it to share their stories from different natural habitats and reveal how we create sustainable clothes for them.

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