• transamerica cycle

    transamerica cycle

    A few snaps of our friend Edd cycling the TransAmerica Bicycle Route in his Silverstick. Edd started at the Atlantic coast and finished by dipping his bike in the Pacific...
  • marine plastic TEDx talk

    marine plastic TEDx talk

    Caroline Bond is a fibre artist and activist working with ghost nets and marine plastics. Caroline regularly cleans her local beach in Sussex and creates amazing creatures from the old...
  • make and skate

    make and skate

    Our friend Matt had the amazing opportunity of hand making a wooden skate board with the help of Guy from Butch Boards. After creating the board in the workshop, he took it...
  • fly free in the mountains

    fly free in the mountains

    Dan and Georgie tilted their wings to the Vallée Blanche, an off piste ski route in the high mountains of Chamonix. "The Vallée Blanche is 22km of some of the...
  • at home in the ocean

    at home in the ocean

    The north Cornwall coast is one of our favourite Silverstick natural habitats. Here surfer Max Zimmer shares his love for the waves at Mawgan Porth. "I have grown up by the sea,...
  • paddle where your spirit soars

    paddle where your spirit soars

    The river Sjoa in Norway is the perfect playground for any kayaker. Here Nick Pearce tells us why his spirit soars when he is paddling his favourite spot. "Paradise for me has...
  • ski far and free

    ski far and free

    The mountains of Voss in Norway make an ideal Silverstick natural habitat. Nick and Natalie skied far and free in this backcountry adventure. "Voss is a little town in the...
  • summer snow bird

    summer snow bird

    The mountains are usually a Winter playground. But skier Jamie took off this Summer for a week of hiking and exploring and loved it. “Our adventure started with a long...
  • feel the sun on your wings

    feel the sun on your wings

    In Summer the Pyrenees are a hot and peaceful Silverstick natural habitat. The perfect place for Djo, Rosie and Matt to slow down and feel the sun on their wings....
  • surf on the wing

    surf on the wing

    Rosie created these illustrations to commemorate a memorable surfing session in Freshwater West. Here she recounts how she and Matt got lucky with the waves in this secluded surf spot....
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