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Posted on September 29 2017

The mountains of Voss in Norway make an ideal Silverstick natural habitat. Nick and Natalie skied far and free in this backcountry adventure.

"Voss is a little town in the mountains on the west coast of Norway. In the summer this small town is world famous for it extreme sports. Hosting the Voss extreme week in the end of June. The biggest extreme sports festival in the world. Athletes compete in base-jumping, long boarding and kayaking to name a few.

But come winter Voss takes on a much more chilled vibe. Being coastal it gets plenty of snow, some of the best in Norway. In spring with the days getting longer all the time it's paradise for being in the mountains. The town has 2 small ski resorts. But there are plenty of fun lines, if you are willing to hike to earn your tear.

Enjoy but play safe."


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