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organic cotton fabric

Posted on August 16 2014

Silverstick Organic Cotton ClothingSilverstick uses Aegean cotton which is the highest quality organic cotton. It is grown without the use of any chemicals or pesticides, in the South West of Turkey.

Our farmers use crop rotation to maintain healthy and fertile soils. The organic cotton is rotated with a corn or wheat crop which fixes the nitrogen from the air and puts it back into the soil. The soil retains nutrients but also needs less water as the organic matter in the healthy soil retains more moisture. Only natural manures are used meaning there is no chemical pollution of local waterways from field water runoff.

Turkey has an ideal climate for growing organic cotton with sunny Summer days and an adequate amount of rainfall. The cotton is sown in April and handpicked in September. Once picked it is mechanically ginned to separate the lint from the seeds.

The cotton is combed before being ring spun into fibre. Combing is incredibly important as it removes any short fibres that would weaken the yarn or make it feel less soft. This process ensures the yarn we use to make Silverstick clothing is of the highest quality.

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certifies our organic cotton. GOTS is the world's leading organic textile processing standard. It ensures that textiles are truly organic at every step of production.


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