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Posted on November 22 2018

My Go To Silverstick Sweatshirts, Chamonix to Yosemite

My Go To Silverstick Sweatshirts, Chamonix to Yosemite

Henry has bought a couple of Arugam sweats and has been putting them through their paces in different conditions from Chamonix to Yosemite.

'I’ve owned Silverstick sweatshirts for 3 years now and they’ve been my go-to sweatshirts for any kind of outdoor activity for that entire time. One medium sized sweater, perfect as a warm outer-layer for hiking or climbing in the summer. And one large sized sweater, ideal for wearing over thermals and underneath a ski jacket in colder conditions.

At the end of the 2017 ski season I hiked a lot around the Chamonix Valley due to the appalling snow pack and the consistently sunny weather. Being sunny, the temperature in the valley was warm, but as soon as you gained any altitude it quickly plummeted. Being cosy, yet breathable, my Silverstick jumper was perfect for staying at the right temperature throughout these hikes.

Equally, hiking around in Yosemite in June this year, my larger Silverstick jumper was ideal for exercising in these high altitudes, where the winds are high and temperatures in the shade can plummet significantly.

I’ve owned each of these jumpers for approximately 3 years now and they are both still like brand-new! The stitching has held incredibly well and the quality of the material hasn’t waned, even after frequent washes. Extremely happy with them both and I’d recommend to anyone.'

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