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freshwater west surf

Posted on July 21 2017

Silverstick Walk Surf Llangennith Gower Wales

Silverstick Surf Llangennith Gower Wales

Silverstick Surf Llangennith VW Van Gower Wales

Rosie created these illustrations to commemorate a memorable surfing session in Freshwater West. Here she recounts how she and Matt got lucky with the waves in this secluded surf spot.

"In December last year, Matthew and I went to Pembrokeshire for the weekend with our good friend Hamish, a photographer. We turned up in our van and headed straight to Freshwater West, the only place likely to have a wave. It looked tiny, almost flat, so we walked down to get a closer look. It quickly picked up, and waist-high clean waves started to roll in, perfect for longboarding. We were ridiculously excited and rushed back to our van to get kitted out, it was the best session just ourselves and one other guy.

The four illustrations were created using photographs Hamish had taken of us that weekend. I created a simple outline on Photoshop and then added the splashes of blue. For me, it’s amazing to be able to look back on these pieces because they bring so many thoughts and feelings from that little adventure. They make me happy.

The beautiful and most memorable thing about this surf was that we simply turned up in our van, jumped in the water and had fun. It was December, so very few people, and it was peaceful. It felt pretty wild. Then, we jumped back in our van, leaving only footprints and headed off on our way. The idea of turning up and appreciating nature, without damaging it, is so important to us and is a lifestyle we aspire to achieve."


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