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Posted on March 13 2017

Silverstick Co-Founder Sam Varney

Sam Varney, one of Silverstick's Co-Founders was recently interviewed by Emily O'Dowd from Bio-Based World News.

What has led you to this role?
The Silverstick journey started in 2010 when a love of adventure and the environment inspired us to create a collection of t-shirts for people who enjoy outdoor sports and activities. We wanted to put the outdoors and sustainability at the foundation of our design. Our vision was epitomised by our ‘made for life’ ethos. Since then we have expanded our men’s and women's ranges and have continued to develop products with a strong connection to nature.

What do you enjoy most about your role?
There are many things I enjoy from creating a company from scratch; to discussing t-shirt graphics and learning about the innovative techniques that our farmers employ to grow their cotton organically. But I guess the biggest enjoyment for me is hearing how much our customers love the garments we create. I find it very inspiring and rewarding that we can bring people’s love of the outdoors and our clothing together to encourage more adventures in the natural world.

What is the biggest challenge that you have faced in the industry?
The hardest task has been getting the Silverstick name recognised by a greater amount of people. We are a small independent company without a big marketing budget, so this means we have to be resourceful and strategic. Our social media channels have been a key contributor to our growth and reaching to more potential customers. It makes it a lot easier to create conversations around outdoor adventures. We also have a blog on our website that displays clothing reviews and adventure stories by outdoor people. We are trying to get more people involved in our brand.

What advice would you give for someone starting work in the sustainable/bio-based industry?
I think it is crucial to understand your audience. You must develop an insight into what motivates your customers and build on why they love your product or brand. You also need to be true to yourself and what you’re trying to achieve. If you can combine those two elements together, you are on the right track.

What single change would help develop the bio-based/sustainable industry further?
Customer understanding is the one that stands out for us. Silverstick specialises in organic cotton clothing. We find the more clarity we can communicate the benefits of organic cotton clothing for the customer, the environment and the farmers, then the more people get on board with what we are doing.

Where would you like to see your company in 5 years’ time?
That Silverstick is still true to our core philosophies of high quality and eco-conscious clothing for outdoor people while increasing our customer base. I hope that this can then translate into a higher brand presence with a larger range on our website, including more technical garments.

What is your favourite bio-based/sustainable product aside from your own product range?
As well as sustainable clothing we love natural and organic food. Nourish me is a nutritional therapist who posts healthy food insights on Instagram helping us to make positive changes to our diet as well as our wardrobes.

It was great to hear more about Silverstick's sustainability story! Take a look at their website and Instagram to view the full product range.

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