• superbly cut tee

    Posted on January 11 2019

    superbly cut tee
    Dan spent some time testing himself and his Silverstick tee in the stunning climbing country of the Peak District. 'Stanage Edge in the Peak District is famous for its rock climbing....
  • My Go To Sweats

    Posted on November 22 2018

    My Go To Sweats
    Henry has bought a couple of Arugam sweats and has been putting them through their paces in different conditions from Chamonix to Yosemite. 'I’ve owned Silverstick sweatshirts for 3 years...
  • made in britain collection

    Posted on November 03 2018

    made in britain collection
    Home manufacturing means a lot to us. So we have developed a range of Silverstick outdoor accessories made exclusively here in Britain. The factories we use are small. They have...
  • happy hiking socks get thumbs up

    Posted on July 11 2018

    happy hiking socks get thumbs up
    We were a bit concerned when we first received an email from customer Chris, who works as a stone mason on Dartmoor. But as he reveals below our happy hiking...
  • ethically made clothing

    Posted on November 03 2015

    ethically made clothing
    Silverstick men's and women's clothing is made in Turkey. Our factory is accredited by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) for its social and environmental processes. We have built a...
  • organic cotton clothing

    Posted on November 03 2014

    organic cotton clothing
    Silverstick uses Aegean cotton which is the highest quality organic cotton. It is grown without the use of any chemicals or pesticides in the South West of Turkey. Our farmers...
  • hand printed clothing

    Posted on November 03 2013

    hand printed clothing
    Silverstick clothing is hand screen printed in Britain. Each print design has a unique finish and we use certified inks that have as light an environmental footprint as possible. Water...
This blog is dedicated to all the outdoor people at play in different natural habitats. We use it to share their adventures and reveal how we create sustainable clothing for them.


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