• create and skate

    Posted on May 30 2019

    create and skate
    Outdoor people are creative individuals inspired by a love of their favourite sports and activities. Here, Matt Ryall enjoys the thrills of Hereford skatepark on a wooden board he made...
  • ski vallée blanche

    Posted on August 03 2018

    ski vallée blanche
    Shot by Dan & Georgie Fitzgerald. Dan and Georgie had an unforgettable Silverstick adventure exploring the Vallée Blanche, an unmarked run in the heart of a great panorama of high...
  • we are all adventurers

    Posted on March 14 2018

    we are all adventurers
    In our digital world it is easy to find amazing photographs that inspire the adventurer in us all. Climbers summiting the highest peaks. Surfers enjoying secret waves in far flung locations. Skiers...
  • surf mawgan porth

    Posted on December 11 2017

    surf mawgan porth
    The north Cornwall coastline is a perfect outdoor playground for surfers. Here Mawgan Porth local Max Zimmer shares his journey into the waves. "I have grown up by the sea, living...
  • kayak river sjoa

    Posted on November 01 2017

    kayak river sjoa
    Some of our favourite outdoor people put our clothing to the test while exploring spectacular natural playgrounds. Here is Nick Pearce's take on kayaking the Sjoa river in Norway. "Paradise for...
  • ski voss

    Posted on September 29 2017

    ski voss
    Shot by Nick Pearce & Nicole Portheim. The mountains of Voss in Norway are a Winter wonderland. Nick took advantage of some great conditions for this backcountry ski touring adventure:...
  • hike les deux alpes

    Posted on September 08 2017

    hike les deux alpes
    The mountains are usually the outdoor playground of snowsports lovers in Winter. But skiers Jamie, Rob, Pawel and Chris headed out for a week of hiking and exploring this Summer...
  • hike pyrenees

    Posted on August 24 2017

    hike pyrenees
    Shot by Djo Djokkos, Rosie Lowe and Matt Ryall. The Pyrenees mountains in Summer are hot and peaceful. The perfect place for Rosie and Matt to slow down and appreciate...
  • surf freshwater west

    Posted on July 21 2017

    surf freshwater west
    Silverstick friend Rosie created these outdoor inspired illustrations to commemorate an unexpected adventure in Pembrokeshire. Here she recounts her experience and how the illustrations came about. "In December last year,...
  • butch belly boards

    Posted on June 08 2017

    butch belly boards
    Our friend Guy Butcher mixes high quality craftmanship and natural raw materials to create amazing wooden belly boards. There is more than meets the eye to Guy's boards. They are...
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