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Posted on January 11 2019

bouldering stanage edge peak district silverstick adventure 1 bouldering stanage edge peak district silverstick adventure 2 bouldering stanage edge peak district silverstick adventure 3

Dan spent some time testing himself and his Silverstick tee in the stunning climbing country of the Peak District.

'Stanage Edge in the Peak District is famous for its rock climbing. The quality of its rock and its routes are fabulous. There are some classic test pieces there, both longer routes and also shorter boulder problems. It truly is a stunning part of the world. Nestled below the central sector of the crag is a small bouldering area called Stanage Plantation. There are some stunning boulders in this little area, some small, some tall with some classic problems on them. The ambiance is wonderful, a small woodland, awesome sunsets, little bits of history with discarded old millstones.

Climbing on higher problems where falling would not make your day means trusting your feet, hands and head but also having no other distractions. The Silverstick short sleeve tee is superbly cut, it is longer and the high angled sleeves do not catch or pull making movement over the rock easy. The tee’s cotton is comfy and soft but super durable, even with some unconventional full body tops outs there was no sign of ware. It also looks awesome too, which is obviously an important thing!'

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