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Posted on September 08 2017

Hiking Les Deux Alpes Silverstick Adventure 1

The mountains are usually the outdoor playground of snowsports lovers in Winter. But skiers Jamie, Rob, Pawel and Chris headed out for a week of hiking and exploring this Summer and loved it.

“Our adventure started with a long road-trip down to the French Alps, the car packed full for all eventualities with skis, boards and boots of all kinds. We parked up in Les Deux Alpes and headed straight out to explore.

People think the mountains are just for winter, but there’s actually a whole world of possibilities out there. Our first trip was a hike up to the awesome Muzelle waterfall. All the meltwater makes for an incredible spectacle, worthy of the hidden path you have to find just to see it.

We made several long journeys to the top of the glacier with barely a soul around, making for a great few runs through the snow. Soaring down the mountain at one of the highest points of the Alps under the bright summer sun is one of the best feelings in the world. It’s also the perfect time to swap the boards for bikes - we picked some up from a rental shop one afternoon and rode through breathtaking forests you simply wouldn’t be able to access in winter.

Seeing the effects of glacial retreat first hand is a reminder of how important protecting our natural world is. We were really happy to be wearing our Silverstick clothing knowing great quality doesn’t have to come at the cost of the earth."

Wherever you adventure, leave only footprints.

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