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Posted on May 24 2017

The outdoors is a place to explore and interact with the natural world.

Nothing beats the feeling of…

Unzipping the tent in the morning and looking at the beautiful view.

Cycling through a breathtaking forest.

Sitting around a campfire under the stars.

Heading into the waves for the first surf of the Summer.

Sleeping in a treehouse and waking to the dawn chorus.

Paddling the local river after a few days of rain.

Leaving fresh tracks on a favourite ski run.

Hiking a new trail on a bright, clear morning.

Make exploration a habit and you’ll find yourself smiling a lot more.

Wherever you adventure, leave only footprints.

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This blog is dedicated to the outdoor people who inspire us with their adventurous spirit. We share their stories testing Silverstick in their favourite outdoor playgrounds as well as insight into how we create clothing for them. Wherever you adventure, leave only footprints.

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