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Posted on June 08 2017

Butch Wooden Belly Boards Collaboration Silverstick

Butch Wooden Belly Boards Collaboration Silverstick Workshop

Butch Wooden Belly Boards Collaboration Silverstick Board

Silverstick friend and co-colaborator Guy Butcher mixes high quality craftmanship and natural raw materials to create amazing wooden belly boards.

There is more than meets the eye to Guy's collection of boards. The boards are hand crafted in Guy's workshop and ridden along the shores of the UK from Portreath to Llangennith. They are perfect for anyone who appreciates the beauty of surf craft fashioned from timber. Made from a variety of species such as oak, black walnut and birch, the shape and natural grain of these boards mean they work just as well hanging on your wall, as well as riding your favourite break.

It is not only the look of the boards that Guy has been working on but the performance too. In this respect Guy offers two types of boards. The first has a closed cell foam and Balsa wood core to improve buoyancy. This board is then fibreglassed and finished with polished bio-resin to maintain strength. This is a versatile 10mm thick board that suits all conditions as it is both stable and buoyant.

The second version is the same shape, but much thinner. This time there is no foam core and the construction is Birch veneers and layers of glass laminates, with an outer finish of polished bio-resin. At only 6mm thick, this board is faster and more flexible which makes for very exciting riding.

We love these boards as they combine Guy's obvious craftmanship with the use of sustainable materials, whilst also not compromising on performance and style.

Silverstick believes the outdoors is your playground and nothing puts a smile on our face quicker than riding a wave. If you want something a little different that you get a lot more from, these wooden belly boards are ideal for you.

Wherever you adventure, leave only footprints.

Guy offers a bespoke service, so you can personalise your board for yourself or as a present. Check out the Butch Boards website and instagram for more info and contact Guy on 01531 670160 and guy.butcher@mac.com


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